Carl Wilson and his son Jonah. 


Carl Wilson and his son Jonah. 

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He’s a dove, he’s a fucking nightmare

Unpredictable it was my mistake to stay here

On the go it’s way too late to play

I need a boy that I can train

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"I was born in the kitchen next to baking soda"
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Inspiring photo series confirms women’s bodies aren’t just for you to look at

Even companies like Dove, who claim to use non-models to represent “real beauty,” use Photoshop to enhance their ads. A photo project entitled “Rugged Grace” aims to expand that definition of beauty. Organized by the Harvard-Radcliffe Rugby Football Club, it explores how sports shape women’s identities and the perception of the body. On their Tumblr, the team explains the intentions of its project:

"We decided to have players write what they loved and appreciated about each player on their body, in the hopes of opening a visual discussion about beauty, strength and appreciation. We decided to have players write their favorite things about other players physically on their bodies to demonstrate the immense body positivity, encouragement of strength and utility and the overall supportive nature of this team."

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